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We are doing some much needed maintenance on our user database tables. With over 100,000 users, it is quite a task as you can imagine. For this reason we have disabled website registration for the time being. This should not affect previously registered users and for everyone else we do apologize for the inconvenience. Please bare with us over the next few days.

Thank you

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Featured Plugin

is an image gallery that comes with thumb bbcode and API (to be used for another plugins but still in alpha release). There is also a User's Album (front-end manager to manage own albums and pictures) functionality. Lightbox plugin is auto-detected and used for picture preview if installed.
Features include:
- Album pictures order settings (General Settings - Image Settings)
- 'Latest picture' list page (gallery.php?latest) - list all images sorted by date
- User's albums (filesize limits, visibility/access/site categories permissions, admin approval, 'My albums' area)
- Galleries and Albums description
- Galleries and Albums preview count
- Watermark image
- e107 Search - title and description, advanced search
- Search template - overwrite it in theme.php
- Notify (admins - on user submit, users - on admin approval)
- Front page (integrated in core administration module 'Front Page')
- Windows Publish Tool (Batch image upload) for both XP and Vista users, multi-language support
- Album user rating and rate permissions
- Album comments and comment permissions
- New/Recent albums page/menu
- Random/Recent user albums menu (menu template, control over thumb sizes, number of items, random/recent type)
- Random Image menu
- Random/Recent Galleries Multi Menu - number items settings in Admin Area templates full control from current theme.php (image size, random or recent etc.)
- Random/Recent Albums Multi Menu - number items settings in Admin Area templates full control from current theme.php (image size, random or recent etc.)
- Offsite thumbnailing
- Server check - analyzes (colorized) your settings (phpThumb.config.php and server/PHP)
- AJAX for less server load
- Built in text/HTML truncate UTF8 support (requires UTF8 class Library download from
- Multi-upload option
- After upload resize options
- Tree structure (Galleries, Albums)
- Auto thumbnailing (on the fly) - full control from the admin area settings
- Image cache - built in thumb caching (phpThumb)
- Fully customizable - templates, css can be altered from the current theme
- Thumb BBcode - you can use sitewide (fully integrated with lightbox plugin)
- BBcode DHTML Window (Lightbox style) - choose from albums / image list in advanced mode
- Lightbox integration - lightbox picture preview if e107 plugin Lightbox is installed, otherwise popup is used
- Self resized js popup for picture preview (phpThumb) - used only if Lightbox plugin is not installed
- Advanced NextPrev handler - "jump to page" js
- Library mode
- Developer tools (alpha release) - call image upload/resize form/actions in your plugins
- W3C XHTML compliance

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