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Wed May 14 2003, 03:44pm
Registered Member #116
Joined: Wed May 14 2003, 03:32pm
Posts: 6
Hi everyone.

I'm new to E107 but thought you might be interested in a plugin project I've started to embed a collapsible DHTML tree menu in an e107 menu.

A screenshot is available but for now it's far too messy to release. It's an intranet site for training ISP tech support people.

It's based on TreeMenuXL from [link] - I've just shoehorned it into a menu.

Longer term I plan to have options to extract news categories from the e107 db and present them in the tree menu.

More news as it comes.

Matt Saunders
Wed May 14 2003, 07:51pm

Registered Member #47
Joined: Tue May 06 2003, 05:14pm
Posts: 144
Sounds like this will be great, I like the dynamic part.
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Wed May 14 2003, 11:50pm
Registered Member #34
Joined: Mon May 05 2003, 11:27am
Location: Aotearoa
Posts: 27
v cool! would be great for links page too
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Thu May 15 2003, 10:27pm

Registered Member #90
Joined: Mon May 12 2003, 09:22pm
Posts: 35
I think this is a great idea - it could be used for everything that has categories pretty much. Eg, Downloads, News, Forums.

Please finish it and release it! :>
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Tue May 20 2003, 04:24am
Registered Member #24
Joined: Mon May 05 2003, 06:42am
Location: Idaho
Posts: 30
What is the current status for this plugin?

I'm looking forward to it. I think I will be using it on a site that I'm designing/setting up.

I've also been looking at some DHTML drop down menu's and might begin coding with those.
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Tue May 20 2003, 08:19am
Registered Member #116
Joined: Wed May 14 2003, 03:32pm
Posts: 6
Originally posted by datagram40 ...
I've also been looking at some DHTML drop down menu's and might begin coding with those."
TreeMenuXL also has some nifty features for coding drop-downs. Basically it separates out the menu structure from its presentation. So in pseudocode:

* set up menu items and subitems
* create presentation object - tree (fixed/dynamic) or dropdown
The only problem now is that I'm deviating a bit from E107 itself for the application I'm writing - so I think I'm going to have to backport it to a plugin. Part of the problem is that TreeMenuXL uses quite a few files, and rather than change where it looks for them in all the different places, I just fitted them in to the E107 directory - resulting in a messy glue of the two applications. Add to that my private mods (eg needing to remove commenting functionality throughout) and you have a messed-up hybrid I can't release. But I am still working on it. I should have some more time soon.


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Fri May 30 2003, 01:46am

Registered Member #87
Joined: Mon May 12 2003, 06:57pm
Location: oregon, usa
Posts: 81
Definately very good stuff. Looking forward to it!
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Fri May 30 2003, 08:02am

Registered Member #2
Joined: Sun May 04 2003, 09:41am
Posts: 324
Nice one matt.

I think this is a great feature to work on !
Also, jalist may consider some slight core changes to accomodate it, if he feels this feature is worth it.
I guess you are working with version 0.553 ? As the main menu links are in its own class file now.

Maybe see if you can chat to him about it at #e107coders or #e107 in iRC.?

Anyway, great work - the screenshot says it all ! !amazed

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Fri May 30 2003, 05:16pm
Registered Member #116
Joined: Wed May 14 2003, 03:32pm
Posts: 6
This is a "my previous post wasn't just vapourware" post... I'm still working on this but it's still quite a way from being something I can put back into the E107 community - but I will do when I can.

To be honest the direction this work is taking is a bit of a fork from e107: a backend database concept I've been working on (very part time!) for over 2 years now, + treemenu + some aspects of e107, lead to something I've been trying to visualise but never quite perceived until now. In a nutshell:

hierarchical database of "objects"
objects have a type
object types have a handler
perform method x on object y -> invokes appropriate handler in same way that Windows invokes Word when you double-click a .doc file.

In the immediate project I'm working on, this means in practice that training presentations I develop in Flash can coexist in the same hierarchy with html docs, quick notes, Visio diagrams... you name it, because you just need to add a handler for any datatype you want. (eg the Visio handler embeds the (yuck) Visio Viewer activeX (which is ok coz corporate IE environment) - similarly the flash viewer or whatever.

XML-RPC is used to invoke the handlers, so it would fit nicely with further development (eg an "application" in this system could be written in python or whatever, invoking handlers written in PHP... or maybe even viceversa)

Anyway I had pretty much stalled on this project until I came across E107 and TreeMenuXL the same day... also htmlarea which is used by E107 was an important concept. So all of these things came into my mind, at the same time as I had some real employer-paid-for dev time to devote to it.

So this means at the end of the day: what I'm working on isn't really an E107 plugin, but it could be backported.... what I'm creating is really a separate project which, in the spirit of open source, will draw on the strengths of a number of other projects.

(Digression: having seen the (deservedly) venomous response of this community to that idiot who tried to pass of jalist's work as his own, I will of course be careful to credit all involved).

As I'm on work's time in all of this, I can't say that my priority right now is providing something for others to use... but it will be eventually, and any IP issues are sorted out (ie my employer can't say "it's our code coz your wrote it while we paid" coz they know it's based on some previously-GPLed stuff I was working on before... in fact I started it in early 2001, for a *very* different project to do with an online game I used to play - but my backend concept was still the same. I've just learned a lot more (to think: I didn't know about SQL joins back then, so I had my objects table and a bunch of other tables, so I used to do multiple queries and join them together in PHP... I can do know in one line of sql what took great chunks of code before) and also I can stand on the shoulders of giants like you guys and other opensource developers who've been busier than I have these last two years...

But anyway, I'll stop rambling now! Thanks for your comments, we'll just have to see what develops... perhaps it will be what I've envisaged above, or something else: the only thing I'm really certain of is the project's name: Inphusion.

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Fri May 30 2003, 05:17pm
Registered Member #116
Joined: Wed May 14 2003, 03:32pm
Posts: 6
crikey that's a long post! Sorry!
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