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E-Commerce 0.7 [ Classifieds, MyStore, Digital Downloads, PayPal etc. ]

EasyShop v1.61
Author nl-start
Author email [email]
Author website [link]
Description EasyShop version 1.61 is a quick fix release. Language files of v1.6 can still be applied.

An easy e107 shop plugin with PayPal checkout, PayPal IPN or e-mail checkout.

- use PayPal or e-mail the order to website administrator
- predefined all 16 PayPal supported currencies
- create unlimited main categories
- create unlimited categories
- set user class to view category
- set user class to purchase from category
- create unlimited categories per main category
- create unlimited products per product category
- Category and Product overview layout: set the number of column and total shown per page
- create unlimited product properties like sizes, colors etc
- create unlimited product discount codes with percentage/price with optional validation on class, dates and promotional codes
- price delta per product property
- various settings display settings
- handling cost per first product
- separate handling cost other same product
- sending costs per product
- separate sending costs other same product
- multiple images per product
- keep track of bookstock (with PayPal IPN only)
- minimum stock level alerts by e-mail
- create downloadable products
- define automatic user class promotion per product (with PayPal IPN only)
- admin decides if buyers can enter directly a number of products or buy one at a time
- attach up to 5 properties per product (size, color etc.)
- attach 1 product discount code per product
- displays random active products in a menu as 'Featured product'
- displays a list of active categories and active products in a menu as 'Product Categories'
- caches selected products during session until user clicks checkout
- customers can maintain their basket before checkout
- checkout directly from the 'Featured product' menu, the basket or category main page
- integrated e107 search functionality
- optional integrated e107 comments functionality for logged in members
- upload of pictures through admin menu
- XHTML 1.1 compliant
- build-in security checks for safe shopping basket
- improved e-mail override handling (customers can leave a note for seller, seller can add additional text to e-mail, e-mail information level)
- templated shop front end

Changelog for EasyShop v1.61:
* Minor Changes:
- easyshop_basket.php: fixed typo causing error when working with discounts
- easyshop_ver.php: adjusted for version 1.61
Image Click here for screenshot
Filesize 215.17 kB
Date Monday 13 June 2011 - 10:54:40
Downloads 248
 10.0 - 3 votes 
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