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Security 0.7 [ Anti-hack, anti-spam, captcha etc. ]

BanHelper v1.5
Author nl-start
Author email [email]
Author website [link]
Description This plugin is a collection of anti spam tools, partly based on the Comment Stop Beta 0.6 plugin of Jezza.
This plugin is aimed at stopping the type of spam that most sites will suffer from, but it may not suit everyone's needs.

This plugin is capable of deleting database content (forum threads, comments) when you have set it to do so. Please make regular backups, and create a backup before use. Use at own risk! Test offline first.
As a consequence of the direct deletion, it may mess up your comment/forum counts! You are advised if you use Ban Helper regularly, to run a manual recount regularly as well.

Thanks to 2dopey for testing!

Changelog 1.5 (nlstart)
* admin_approveuser.php: retrieve user name again to properly unblock users with a space in user_name
* admin_banuser.php: added automatic removal of related reported forum posts for forum delete option
* admin_banuser.php: improved check on banning users (similar with SVN revision 12002 on e107_admin/users.php)
* admin_banuser.php: changed count query with detecting installed plugins
* admin_banuser.php: recounts forum threads if BanHelper setting is 'on' (uses forum_class for recounting functions)
* admin_banuser.php: clears cache if it is on and when there are deleted forum posts
* admin_config.php: new setting for recounting forum threads
* admin_findspam.php: check 4 failed if no extended user fields were activated
* admin_findspam.php: new check 5: test on multiple link/url BB code in user fields in the last month
* admin_findspam.php: improved look of detected possible spammer list; also show sign-up date (with general preference short date)
* e_meta.php: more improved handling of templates
* e_meta.php: added BanHelper icons to forum template forum_viewforum (thanks steved)
* languages/English.php: added BH_CONF_68, BH_CONF_69, BH_BAN_48, BH_BAN_49
Image Click here for screenshot
Filesize 41.47 kB
Date Sunday 27 February 2011 - 17:38:08
Downloads 137
 9.0 - 5 votes 
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