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Communication 0.7 [ PM, EChat, IRChat, Buddy List etc. ]

Facebook Like v0.7
Author Arun
Author email [email]
Author website [link]
Description The plugin renders 'Facebook Like' button with some Open Graph protocol meta properties for single news pages, download pages, and forum thread pages.

With a single click the plugin lets your website users quickly share your content to their facebook walls along with a personalized comment (if XFBML flavour of the button is used).

It uses the new Facebook Like button released on Apr. 21st 2010 and the Open Graph protocol. The plugin can be configured in the admin area to change its parameters.

  • Renders iFRAME or XFBML versions of the button
  • Asynchronous or Synchronous loading of the Javascript
  • Button canvas Width/Height adjustments
  • Button layout (standard or Count Button)
  • Verb to display (Like or Recommend) configurable
  • Configurable Fonts
  • Color Scheme (Light or Dark)
  • Show thumbnails of Facebook profile pictures
  • Positioning the button - above or below the content
  • Button alignment adjustments
  • Set Margins for the button in individual section (top, bottom, left, right)
  • Support of the Open Graph protocol (

  1. Extract the file (x.x denotes the version number)
  2. Upload the facebook_like directory inside the extracted directory to your e107_plugins folder
  3. Install it in the Plugin Manager
  4. Configure at the configuration page

Known Problems
  • Auto rendering of XFBML 'like' button will fail most likely in themes that uses theme_foot() function. iFRAME button can be used instead.
  • Auto rendering of 'like' button for news will fail with themes that uses news_style() function. Themes like 'leaf' uses this function. Use manual method for those themes.
  • Auto rendering fails in the forum for most of the core themes.

SourceForge.Net Download Mirror
Facebook Like Plugin Download @ SourceForge.Net

Tested up to: e107 v0.7.22

To Do
  • Internationalization (different language support for button verb: as extended by facebook)
  • Extent Facebook Like support for other potential plugins (awaiting user suggestions).
  • Show up a preview of the button realtime in the configuration page as the button get configured.

--- Add your changes here ---
Bugfix: Comment post failure in news when fb like is enabled. Thanks to albmania for reporting it.
Bugfix: Button positioning bug in the news section
Image Click here for screenshot
Filesize 36.31 kB
Date Tuesday 17 August 2010 - 23:24:08
Downloads 327
 10.0 - 2 votes 
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